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God Bless the Brawling Bartender

  My first job out of college was the ultimate training ground for sales.  As a bright-eyed, eager 21-year old, I was selling office supplies to a wide range of potential customers in the Washington, DC-area. I drove my mobile office from building to building, stapler in one hand, fax machine in the other.  Success was… Read More »

“We’ll Be There For You On Your Worst Day”

Life is not a solo act.  It’s a collaboration with people who will support us in times of strife”–William Butler Yeats My good friend’s son is going through the college football recruiting process.  He is a big, athletic player in huge demand from several reputable programs.  For the most part, it has been an incredibly humbling… Read More »

If You Got it, FLAUNT it!

When it comes to getting my hair cut, I am normally very conservative.  I go to a barber, not a hair stylist.  And if it costs more than $15, I will walk out. But many years ago, on the eve of our wedding, my then-fiancée (now wife) convinced me to go a little more upscale with my… Read More »

Curly the Cowboy Got It Right

In the movie “City Slickers”, Curly Washburn (played brilliantly by Jack Palance) is a grizzled cowboy with a simple purpose: Drive cattle across the Colorado Plains until they arrive safely at the ranch.  That was the secret to his gratifying and meaningful life.  In one poignant scene, he implores Billy Crystal’s character to find the one thing (not his finger!) that matters most in his… Read More »

Lighten Up, Francis!

One of the most captivating images of the March Madness hoops tournament (so far!) was the crowd shot of Bill Murray seconds after Wisconsin stunned Xavier on a last second shot.  His despondent expression and sheer disbelief perfectly captured the sentiment of any fan who has ever had their heart broken in the final seconds of a game.  While his devastation was justified… Read More »

It’s a Thankless Job (But Somebody Has To Do It!)

Is there anything greater than the Thanksgiving Holiday?  Turkey.  Sweet potatoes.  Pumpkin Pie.  Football.  Family.  Did I mention the pumpkin pie?  It is truly a glorious time to relax, take stock of our lives, and give thanks for all the blessings we have been given.  And it is the only time (past the age of 21) when… Read More »

Your Parachute Has Been Packed With Care

A good friend recently turned me on to the story of Captain Charles Plumb, a US Navy fighter pilot who served during the Vietnam War.  Capt. Plumb was shot down in enemy territory while flying on a covert mission and was forced to parachute out in mid-air as his plane disintegrated around him.  He landed unharmed but was… Read More »

The Wind is Always at Your Back

Summer is officially here on the East Coast! To celebrate, I was able to get away to the beach this weekend with a group of long-time buddies.  Per tradition, we took a power boat out on the water for a mid-day cruise around the bay.  As we headed north toward Bethany Beach, the boat cruised effortlessly through the channel… Read More »

Jenga Pieces in Your Life

My wife and I are constantly searching for creative ways we can spend time with our children.  Other than watching “SpongeBob” (the great communicator across ALL generations), it is becoming increasingly difficult to find common ground.  Years ago, we stumbled upon the game Jenga, and it seems to have satisfied our criteria for effective family entertainment: No… Read More »

The Door Is Always Open

I had the pleasure of attending a festive family wedding in Richmond, VA this past weekend.  Like most great celebrations, it was full of laughter, heart-touching speeches, and pure old-fashioned fun.  But what set the night apart was the breathtaking location of the reception.  It took place at the Virginia War Memorial, set high atop the hills of Richmond, overlooking the… Read More »