It’s All a Matter of Perspective

By | November 23, 2015


Very few of us are born with perspective and there is no blueprint for how to achieve it.  We may develop perspective gradually over a lifetime of experiences.  Or perspective could slap us in the face with one traumatic event.  Perspective influences our behavior, influences our actions, and influences our attitude.  And regardless of how we obtain it, perspective is one of the major keys to leading a resilient life.

When things go wrong, they can go wrong in a hurry.  In our work lives, a major client can suddenly leave, a new boss can make our lives miserable or a massive layoff could be looming at your business.  At the same time, you may be struggling with financial security or an issue with a child or loved one.  In troubled times such as this, it can seem as if the walls are closing in and there is no hope in sight.  Without proper perspective, it becomes easy to retreat into a hole and allow life to beat you down.  Our world becomes centered around our own problems and, instead of looking for solutions, we accept failure and cast blame.  That only exacerbates our difficult situation.  How do we get out of this spiral?  We must take action!  Work hard to win the client back.  Communicate with your boss regarding any potential issues.  Craft a plan to address your financial situation.  Deal head on with any problems in your personal life.  Action is the only way to move your life forward.  It will not happen waiting for someone else to do it for you!

Regardless of the outcome, taking action focuses your mind and allows you to put your problems in perspective.  If one area of your life feels better, other areas do not look so bleak.  Soon, anything seems possible and you are back on your way to the top.  And here is the major upside.  You are now battle-tested.  The next time you are faced with a hopeless situation or a difficult challenge, you have proven that your actions will make your life better.  Now you have earned the perspective that allows you approach the situation with a sense of calm.  Things are not as bad as they seem.  You have overcome your challenges in the past, so you can do it again.  This healthy perspective will keep building over time as you keep achieving your goals and keep staying positive.

The only thing you have control over is perspective.  You don’t have control over your situation.  But you have a choice about how you view it.–Chris Pine

But sometimes, perspective comes in like a lion.  The loss of a loved one.  A major illness or injury.  A financial meltdown.  These tragic events immediately put our lives in perspective.  Suddenly, the problems we thought were so overwhelming are now comparatively trivial.  Any grudges or petty rivalries we may have harbored become inconsequential.  These tragedies are extremely stressful and no one wishes them to happen.  But they do allow you to focus on the important things in your life and appreciate all the gifts you have been granted.  This is valuable perspective.  But why wait for tragedy to strike?    You have so much to be thankful for in your life. Take some time in the moment to appreciate everything you have earned.  A roof over your head.  Meaningful, loving relationships.   The freedom to earn a living.  There is no challenge you cannot overcome and no setback that will keep you down forever.  You have too much talent and too many people rooting for you.  This healthy perspective will feed your energy and allow you to live a resilient life!

You have more going for you than you will ever realize.  Keep moving forward.  Keep staying positive.  Take control of your own problems and do not give in to the negative forces around you.  Everything will be okay in the end.   It’s all a matter of perspective.

Until next week, keep smiling!

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  1. Tissie Boland

    I love this kind of commentary and would appreciate you adding me to your distribution list.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Lynn Ridgway

    Rob, I am amazed that week after week you manage to write these incredible, inspiring and USABLE pearls of wisdom! Happy Thanksgiving to all the Clarks/Adams and blessings to all! Thank you for your wonderful work you do here! See you at Christmas.
    Xo Lynn

  3. William Gerrish

    Another great pearl!! Happy Thanksgiving — hope to see the gang soon!!

  4. Muffet Boland

    So glad that Kitty Adams made me aware of your blog. It is wonderful. Reminds me of the follow quote.
    “The teacher appears when the student is ready.” Keep teaching!


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