“Coach Spurrier Doesn’t Care About Your Sweet Catch on the Quad!”

Many seasons ago, Coach Steve Spurrier led the Duke Blue Devils to a glorious ACC Football Championship.  That’s right, the “Old Ball Coach” achieved legendary status at Duke years before he went on to fame and fortune. Back in those days, there were three types of football players at Duke.  The Varsity football players, who earned scholarships and played for… Read More »

Don’t Wait For Sasaki’s Phone Booth

High atop a grassy hill in Otsuchi, Japan, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, sits an antique white phone booth.  Inside, there is  a single, archaic rotary phone with a small notepad and pen.  It is jarringly out of place in this rural setting.  Yet the impact of this vintage landmark is beyond description. The phone booth’s owner,… Read More »

“I Got Nowhere Else To Go!”

In the 1982 film, “An Officer and a Gentleman”, Richard Gere plays Zach Mayo, a Navy brat with a dysfunctional past.  Zach tries to make something of his life by enlisting in the grueling, 13-week Navy Aviation Officer Training School.  It is his best shot to prove other people wrong and live his own dream. But a brutal… Read More »

Coach Jim Fegan: Winning With Class

Coach Jim Fegan is an American legend. He spent 36 seasons as the Head Coach of the Georgetown Prep Football team, racking up an eye-popping 236 wins and capturing 14 League Championships.  His 1970 football team was ranked #1 in the Washington, DC area amidst a 36-game winning streak.  In addition, Coach Fegan had 9 unbeaten… Read More »

Every Thorn Has Its Rose

Getting rejected can be humbling. Losing clients can be devastating. Platooning in our career can be demeaning. Financial uncertainly can be gut-wrenching. Relationships can be complicated. Marriage can be a battle.

Every rose has its thorn. But never forget that every thorn has its rose!

Kevin Ryan: Born to Serve

Kevin Ryan was born to serve. He served his family. He served his country. And now he serves beer.

His story has it all. Beer. Love. Leadership. Heartbreak. Partnership. Triumph. And beer. (Did I mention that already?)

So how did a West Point grad and former Headquarters Commander in Iraq end up starting his own successful brewery in Savannah, GA? There are many twists and turns to his journey but ultimately it all comes back to one word: service.

Spitting into the Wind

If we are educated about the market, understand our solutions, and prove our value and dedication to a prospect, the entire ecosystem benefits. Our customer will be more enriched. Our personal brand will be enhanced. Our company’s reputation will be boosted. And more and more customers will swim to our chum bucket of knowledge!

Embracing the Monster

Courage is the foremost of all virtues. –Winston Churchill Is there anything better than the family beach vacation?  Sun. Sand. Surf. Spike Ball.  Extended Happy Hours.  All our minor troubles seem to melt away in the salt air and suntan lotion. But for my youngest daughter, last week’s trip to the beach entailed staring down a monster. She desperately wanted… Read More »

Farmer Ted and the King of the Dipsh*ts!

If you grew up in the 80’s, you likely grew up with John Hughes films.  “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”, “Weird Science”, and “The Breakfast Club”, just to name a few. With the exception of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” (another classic!), all of the Hughes-directed films of the 80’s dealt with upper-middle class teens in some… Read More »

Stuck on Party Island Without a Plan

I am not sure if Agnar ever made it off the island of Ios. His two nights may have turned into a lifetime. And while that is not a bad place to get “stuck”, we cannot let that same thing happen to us!
We need to fight complacency! We need to recognize that we are stuck. We need to break out of our rut! And we need to come up with a plan and execute!