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First Blog Post for The Resilient Worker

Believe That Your Life Will Eventually Come Together

Homecoming at Georgetown Prep High School is a sacred day in The Clark household. The changing of the leaves. The tradition. The sense of community. And the smell of football in the air. It’s a magical time for the young and the old who make their way back on campus to celebrate. And this year’s Homecoming game held even more significance. It… Read More »

Create Your Own Glengarry Leads

I was flipping through the channels Saturday night when I stumbled on the 1992 award-winning film, Glengarry Glen Ross.  It is one of those “Venus flytrap” movies that you can’t escape once you tune in.  So I fired up some Orville Redenbacher popcorn and settled in for the long haul. Glengarry Glen Ross is a haunting and powerful story of four desperate… Read More »

“Coach Spurrier Doesn’t Care About Your Sweet Catch on the Quad!”

Many seasons ago, Coach Steve Spurrier led the Duke Blue Devils to a glorious ACC Football Championship.  That’s right, the “Old Ball Coach” achieved legendary status at Duke years before he went on to fame and fortune. Back in those days, there were three types of football players at Duke.  The Varsity football players, who earned scholarships and played for… Read More »

Sean Gaiser: Changing the World with Talent and Hustle

Sean Gaiser is enormously talented.  Watching him perform or listening to one of his albums is musical nirvana.  But talent alone does not dictate success.  The world is littered with gifted people (musicians, actors, writers, entrepreneurs) who never reach their potential.  Sharing our talent and influencing our communities takes perseverance and persistence.  But more than anything it… Read More »

Coach John “Mac” McCarthy: 5 Keys to Creating a Better Community

Coach Mac is a legendary baseball coach and mentor. But he is not just trying to create a better player. He is not just trying to create a better team. He is trying to build the character and discipline of every person in the organization. In doing so, he is building a better community one player at a time.

Coach Mac’s lessons are not just for his players. His five keys to creating a better community apply to all of us in our every day lives.

The Giroux Family: Gratitude for the Journey

“When you don’t know what tomorrow brings, it makes it so much easier to enjoy today!”

Lila “Bean” Giroux has been battling pediatric brain cancer for the past 8 years. The battle of the entire Giroux Family can tell us a lot about resilience, perspective, and appreciation in our own lives.

Pope Francis and Muddy Shoes

I had the good fortune of attending Mark Shriver’s signing party for his newest book on the life of Pope Francis (“Pilgrimage”) .  An interesting and intriguing read, perhaps the most revealing story centers on the Pope’s insistence that those under his care get out and serve in the real world.  Pope Francis wants a Church that serves in… Read More »

A Resilient Twist to Icarus

My daughter came home from school this week excited to share the story of Daedalus and Icarus.    For those not up to speed on their Greek Mythology, Daedalus was the brilliant inventor of the original Labyrinth on the island of Crete.  King Minos was so protective of the secrets that lay within, he jailed Daedalus… Read More »