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What Does It Mean to Be An Overachiever?

For the most part, we are living in a society of overachievers.  At work, we are constantly driven to be turned on and connected.  Take on additional responsibility for no extra pay?  That is part of the game!  Immediately respond to a work e-mail at 1am?  Table stakes!  Accept a promotion even if it doubles your commute?  Done… Read More »

Beware of the Underdog

America loves a great underdog story.  Overcoming long odds.  Shouting down the naysayers.  Staying strong in the face of incredible adversity.  The underdog win is a testament to sheer will and the ultimate tribute to the Resilient Worker.  Kurt Warner was bagging groceries in Iowa the season before leading the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl… Read More »

Why You Can’t Always Play It Down the Middle

There is a time and place to play it safe.  It doesn’t always make sense to take a risky path in business and jeopardize the security of your family.    Sometimes, it is difficult to take a politically unpopular stance if it means risking our careers.   There are times we need to be diplomatic and stifle our true emotions for… Read More »

Catch a Wave and You’re Sitting On Top of the World!

It’s beach week for the Clark Family in beautiful Corolla, North Carolina!  Even on vacation, the blog must go on!  Since all the kids LOVE the ocean,  my brother-in-law rented surfboards for the whole crew.   Everyone took a shot getting up on the board and it was truly enjoyable to both participate and observe.   So what can surfing teach… Read More »

Mike Tyson and the Blueprint for a Resilient Life

Most people have a plan…until they get punched in the mouth.  –Mike Tyson, Philosopher/Boxer Who would have thought “Iron” Mike Tyson could be a spokesman for The Resilient Worker?  As we all know, Mike Tyson was one of the most ferocious fighters of all time.  He doggedly pursued his opponents in the ring and hunted them down… Read More »

Jenga Pieces in Your Life

My wife and I are constantly searching for creative ways we can spend time with our children.  Other than watching “SpongeBob” (the great communicator across ALL generations), it is becoming increasingly difficult to find common ground.  Years ago, we stumbled upon the game Jenga, and it seems to have satisfied our criteria for effective family entertainment: No… Read More »

What is Your Definition of Success?

  Most people have an idea of what they need to lead a successful life.  Oftentimes, it is tied to their financial well-being.  It could be saving enough for retirement or a second home.  It could be achieving the financial independence to profitably run your own business.  It could be paying off your children’s college education.  Everyone’s situation… Read More »