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Age Quod Agis: Focus on the Task at Hand

I realize reciting the Latin language may conjure up painful memories of declensions and “pluperfect” tenses that summon us back to those awkward high school years.  But despite the negative connotations that could propel many of us into rigor mortis, Latin has provided us with the foundation for our English language and the simplest yet most profound mottos in modern American life.  Carpe diem.  E.… Read More »

Putting It All Together: Meet Shoedini 2

Over the past few weeks, we have stressed the importance of resiliency in both our work and personal lives.  Themes such as the ability to overcome setbacks, taking pride in your work (and your uniform!), being present in the present, and the need to leave a legacy have provided the backbone for our discussions.  This week, we will… Read More »

Be Present in the Present

Back for more?  I applaud your courage.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day so I hope at least one of these posts resonates in your life! This week, we will discuss the importance of acknowledging and appreciating the present moment.  Life can spin out of control with the stress of work, the explosion of social media and instant… Read More »