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Coach Jim Fegan: Winning With Class

Coach Jim Fegan is an American legend. He spent 36 seasons as the Head Coach of the Georgetown Prep Football team, racking up an eye-popping 236 wins and capturing 14 League Championships.  His 1970 football team was ranked #1 in the Washington, DC area amidst a 36-game winning streak.  In addition, Coach Fegan had 9 unbeaten… Read More »

Kevin Ryan: Born to Serve

Kevin Ryan was born to serve. He served his family. He served his country. And now he serves beer.

His story has it all. Beer. Love. Leadership. Heartbreak. Partnership. Triumph. And beer. (Did I mention that already?)

So how did a West Point grad and former Headquarters Commander in Iraq end up starting his own successful brewery in Savannah, GA? There are many twists and turns to his journey but ultimately it all comes back to one word: service.

Sean Gaiser: Changing the World with Talent and Hustle

Sean Gaiser is enormously talented.  Watching him perform or listening to one of his albums is musical nirvana.  But talent alone does not dictate success.  The world is littered with gifted people (musicians, actors, writers, entrepreneurs) who never reach their potential.  Sharing our talent and influencing our communities takes perseverance and persistence.  But more than anything it… Read More »

Coach John “Mac” McCarthy: 5 Keys to Creating a Better Community

Coach Mac is a legendary baseball coach and mentor. But he is not just trying to create a better player. He is not just trying to create a better team. He is trying to build the character and discipline of every person in the organization. In doing so, he is building a better community one player at a time.

Coach Mac’s lessons are not just for his players. His five keys to creating a better community apply to all of us in our every day lives.

The Giroux Family: Gratitude for the Journey

“When you don’t know what tomorrow brings, it makes it so much easier to enjoy today!”

Lila “Bean” Giroux has been battling pediatric brain cancer for the past 8 years. The battle of the entire Giroux Family can tell us a lot about resilience, perspective, and appreciation in our own lives.

Rooster Nalls: The Coach and His 5 Life Lessons

Rooster Nalls has been coaching youth football for 25 years. Generations of players at Maplewood, a youth football team in the Washington, DC area, have embraced his passion and fire. At the beginning of each season, Rooster instills the 5 fundamentals of football (and life!) in a series of impassioned speeches to his team. Each lesson is as important as the next.

Resilient Worker Profile: Meet Brian “Fitz” Fitzgerald

This is the true story of Brian “Fitz” Fitzgerald.  He did not climb Mount Everest.  He did not serve multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan.  He did not win the Super Bowl MVP or the Heavyweight Title of the World.  There will be no biography on the History Channel about the incredible saga of Brian Fitzgerald.  Some would consider his… Read More »