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Don’t Wait For Sasaki’s Phone Booth

High atop a grassy hill in Otsuchi, Japan, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, sits an antique white phone booth.  Inside, there is  a single, archaic rotary phone with a small notepad and pen.  It is jarringly out of place in this rural setting.  Yet the impact of this vintage landmark is beyond description. The phone booth’s owner,… Read More »

Every Thorn Has Its Rose

Getting rejected can be humbling. Losing clients can be devastating. Platooning in our career can be demeaning. Financial uncertainly can be gut-wrenching. Relationships can be complicated. Marriage can be a battle.

Every rose has its thorn. But never forget that every thorn has its rose!

Spitting into the Wind

If we are educated about the market, understand our solutions, and prove our value and dedication to a prospect, the entire ecosystem benefits. Our customer will be more enriched. Our personal brand will be enhanced. Our company’s reputation will be boosted. And more and more customers will swim to our chum bucket of knowledge!

Farmer Ted and the King of the Dipsh*ts!

If you grew up in the 80’s, you likely grew up with John Hughes films.  “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”, “Weird Science”, and “The Breakfast Club”, just to name a few. With the exception of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” (another classic!), all of the Hughes-directed films of the 80’s dealt with upper-middle class teens in some… Read More »

Are We Breaking Down or Breaking Through?

After a VERY long hiatus, I am easing my way back into the swimming pool. Growing up, swimming was the ultimate competitive outlet and a great form of exercise.  In the summer, I would swim for miles every morning.  It was effortless and automatic.  But that was then, this is now. Four lengths into my first… Read More »

Stop Asking the Wrong Questions

Questions.  They are central to our human existence.  They uncover deep knowledge and can lead to glorious enlightenment.  At the very least, they separate us from the apes. Good questions can reveal the truth about our relationships.  They can help pinpoint the genuine needs in a sales situation. And they can provide the strength and motivation we crave to overcome… Read More »

Not Every Setback Provides a “Teachable Moment”

There are no guarantees of success in life. If there were, then resiliency would be easy! If we knew that success was always on the other side of effort, then we would push ourselves all the time.

But it isn’t, and we don’t. And that is what makes sustained resiliency the most difficult yet greatest virtue of all!

It’s a Small World, But We Can’t Play Small In It

If we stubbornly cling to our little corner of the world, we limit our options when that world is turned upside down. How useful is the mastery of FORTRAN in the internet age? Or paper mapping in the age of Waze? How much job security does a cab driver have in the age of Uber? The world is a tumultuous place full of upheaval and change. If we want to stay resilient, we have to get out AHEAD of certain trends and master new skills.

2 Life Lessons From Frankie the Forklift Guy

We all face setbacks at some point in our lives.

But we all have the ability to recover. We all have the ability to come back stronger than ever. We all have the ability to accomplish our dreams.

We simply need to maintain our perspective and keep moving forward. And we need to realize that a little compassion can go a long way in our lives and the lives of all those we touch.

Let Frankie the Forklift Guy show you the way!

Unleashing the “Bring It!” Mindset

My son is a high school lacrosse goalie.  Why anyone would welcome a hundred-mile an hour shot to the shins with a hard rubber ball is beyond me!  But he seems to enjoy it, so we support him in his pursuit. As with any goaltender position, the mental part of the game is as important, if not… Read More »