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Charge the Wall!

No retreat, baby, no surrender. —Bruce Springsteen Dedicated swimmers are a special breed of athlete.  Early mornings in the pre-dawn haze.  Tentative trepidation before that initial, icy plunge.  Long, lonely hours in the pool.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Growing up, swimming, and the traditions surrounding the sport, dominated our summer routine.   As proud Palisades Porpoises in the Montgomery County… Read More »

Swirling Leaves Across the Lawn

Thanksgiving.  A glorious time complete with family, food, football and fun.  And, if you are like me, it’s also the perfect time to rake those leaves and prepare for the impending winter. Over the long break, the whole family attacked our yard with conviction.  After a lot of hard work, we finally corralled the leaves and arranged them into a compact, neat… Read More »

Tom Petty Won’t Back Down (And Neither Will We!)

Rocker Tom Petty suddenly and sadly passed away last week.   But he has left us with an incredible legacy of music and memories that span a generation.  While his hits are too numerous to mention, perhaps his most impactful song is the haunting tribute to resilience in “I Won’t Back Down”. The tune has an unmistakable defiance befitting the legend of… Read More »

Stuck on Party Island Without a Plan

I am not sure if Agnar ever made it off the island of Ios. His two nights may have turned into a lifetime. And while that is not a bad place to get “stuck”, we cannot let that same thing happen to us!
We need to fight complacency! We need to recognize that we are stuck. We need to break out of our rut! And we need to come up with a plan and execute!

You and Me, Baby!

Our lives are filled with competition that often boil down to critical one-on-one moments.   Our ability to recognize the importance of these moments, and rise to the challenge, will ultimately define our personal and professional success. And one simple story illustrates the power of these moments. It All Comes Down to One Play For several years after college, a close group… Read More »

Never Underestimate Your Opponent

Life is all about competition.  And I learned my greatest competitive lesson on the football field at the tender age of 11. At the time, our Chevy Chase Boys Club Youth Football team was a dominant force in the Washington, DC area.  Through 8 weeks, we had run up an impressive string of lopsided victories… Read More »

Long Time Listener, First Time Caller!

In difficult times, we need to retrench and re-evaluate our lives. We need to lean on the strength of our inner circle. We need to listen to the advice of those closest to us and embrace a new perspective. And then we need to take action!

We cannot grow without taking action. We cannot move our lives forward without taking action. We cannot stay resilient without taking action!

The Best Defense is a Good Offense!

The Best Defense is a Good Offense! —Vince Lombardi The above quote is often referenced in the world of sports or the theatre of war. What does it mean? Essentially, if you want to gain an advantage over your opponent, a passive, defensive mode will not get the job done. You can’t let someone bring the fight to you. You need to go… Read More »

Mel and His 5-Cent Beers

A few miles off California’s Route 120, in the desert just south of Lodi, lies a little slice of heaven. Having freshly graduated from college, a buddy and I hurtled from San Francisco toward Yosemite on our epic cross-country trip.  Suddenly, a sign jutted up from the desert like a beacon in the night: Come Visit Mel’s Saloon:… Read More »

Steve Buscemi and Imposter Syndrome

Steve Buscemi.  An American icon.  Mr. Pink in “Reservoir Dogs”.  Donny in “The Big Lebowski”.  Carl, of wood-chipper fame, in “Fargo”.  The list of unforgettable characters goes on and on.  But this brilliant actor struggled mightily with confidence early in his career. The Life of An “Imposter” Steve wasn’t born into a charmed life.  He was raised in… Read More »