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Stuck on Party Island Without a Plan

I am not sure if Agnar ever made it off the island of Ios. His two nights may have turned into a lifetime. And while that is not a bad place to get “stuck”, we cannot let that same thing happen to us!
We need to fight complacency! We need to recognize that we are stuck. We need to break out of our rut! And we need to come up with a plan and execute!

Please! Please! Please! Don’t Hit the Ball To Me!

Summer is in full swing in the Washington, DC region!  And that means long, humid nights, trips to the pool or beach, and an abundance of summer baseball.  As I was driving home from work the other evening, I must have passed a dozen fields, all buzzing with Little League activity.  But one particular player on one… Read More »

Are You Prepared for Your One Shining Moment?

It’s summer time at The Resilient Worker Headquarters! Bring on the cookouts, the ice cream, and, of course,  the glorious trips to the beach.  Speaking of, I spent this past weekend on vacation at the shore. There is nothing quite like the sound of the waves and the smell of salt and sunscreen to set your mind at ease and… Read More »

Go Beyond The Bare Minimum

If you carefully examine the common traits behind any transformational leader, one constant emerges.  Effort.  Many leaders are blessed with natural talents such as vision, charisma, and intelligence. But that talent alone is not enough to change the world.  Walt Disney was an enormously gifted artist and a creative visionary. But his effort delivering newspapers as a side job led… Read More »

Make the Most of Your Minutes

I had a recent discussion with my son about his upcoming basketball game and it struck me as a perfect analogy for the resilient worker in all of us.  The theme of the talk was to make the most of the minutes that you play on the court.  You may get in for the whole game.  You may only get in for… Read More »

Now That Is Good Hustle!

Hustle.  It might be the greatest word in the English language.  I am not referring to the negative use of the word associated with a fraud or scam.  I am talking about the pure energy and effort often associated with sports or business.  Hustle shows passion.  Hustle shows resolve.  Hustle shows grit.  And, yes, hustle shows resilience! It… Read More »