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Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Regardless of the emotions, this is the perfect time to celebrate a new chapter and recognize a bold milestone. The transition to college, though painful, allows the student to maximize his or her potential and the parents to guide them through a brand new journey (from a safe distance!). We never stop being a son or daughter and we certainly never stop being parents!

Why You Can’t Spend Your Life As a CAVE Dweller

We all have dreams and goals that keep us engaged and give us hope for the future.   But what happens when we stop stretching to improve ourselves and refuse to grow?  Curt Coffman, co-author of First, Break All the Rules, outlines an interesting profile in the modern office work environment: “The C.A.V.E. Dweller” (Consistently Against Virtually Everything).  These are employees who… Read More »

At Some Point, Everyone Needs Their Ghee-Ghee

Most of us had some special blanket, stuffed animal or pillow that was provided  in our crib and lasted through our early childhood (Some held on longer than others!).    They come in different shapes and sizes and they go by different names.   For my children, it was, in order, Froggy, Bunny, Taggy, and Puppy.  My cousin had… Read More »

Swim Lanes, Teamwork, and Dirty Harry Callahan

We all have special talents.  We all excel in certain areas.  But we also have blind spots and weaknesses.  Some of us are extroverts who thrive on presentation skills but lack the analytical capabilities to round out the sales cycle.  Some of us are introverts who shy away from the spotlight but can solve any problem with applied logic. … Read More »

Warning: Don’t Get Too Comfortable in Your Comfort Zone

The quest to find our comfort zone starts at birth.   As babies, we crave the comfort of a warm blanket, a pacifier, or soothing music.  We graduate to yearning for the comfort of a parent’s touch, a soft pillow, a warm bath or a cozy bed.  I suppose we are trying to replicate the tranquility and security of… Read More »