About the Author

About the Author

Motivational  author and speaker Rob Clark has experienced the triumphs and temporary setbacks that accompany every career (both large and small!) along his remarkable journey in life.  A career salesman, Rob still draws motivation from connecting with his clients, understanding their issues, and providing positive feedback and solutions to make their lives inherently better.

His latest motivational book, “Smiling in the Cube” (http://goo.gl/iqTwSe), offers simple advice and perspective on how to overcome the daily frustrations of office life and focus on the incredible positives in your everyday life.  If you haven’t failed at something, you haven’t been trying hard enough!  But you must constantly move forward after a setback.  The world embraces the bold and the active.

Rob is still working in a cube, still solving his client’s problems, and still unleashing the Resilient Worker in all of us.  Rob currently lives outside Washington, DC with his wife and four beautiful children.


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  1. John Adams

    Another great post. Tears are a sign of caring greatly. And caring greatly is one of the best attributes one can have. johnniejet

  2. Suzanne Tully

    Hey Rob,
    I just loved your blog on the packed parachute! Please let me know if you’re ever coming to Charleston, SC!

  3. marianne brennan

    Have just signed up. A young “gentleman” informed me of your great work. Just getting into it, but am totally soaking up every word.


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