We Don’t Need a Vanity Handicap!

So, I’m just gonna rip the Band-Aid off and put it out there.  I am a terrible golfer. I still love the competitive aspect of the game and (almost) always have fun when I can get out.  But I am neither “strong” nor “quite strong” in the scoring department. Fortunately, in golf, there is a handicap system. … Read More »

The True Madness of King George

King George III was a hot mess after the American Colonies successfully rebelled against the Crown and won their independence. (God Bless America!) He was constantly haunted by this loss and became obsessed with England’s declining influence around the world.  By 1788, King George’s agitation and eccentric behavior took a more dramatic turn toward mental instability. Brilliantly depicted by… Read More »

Charge the Wall!

No retreat, baby, no surrender. —Bruce Springsteen Dedicated swimmers are a special breed of athlete.  Early mornings in the pre-dawn haze.  Tentative trepidation before that initial, icy plunge.  Long, lonely hours in the pool.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Growing up, swimming, and the traditions surrounding the sport, dominated our summer routine.   As proud Palisades Porpoises in the Montgomery County… Read More »

You Are Terminated!

No, this isn’t a story about “Ahnald” and the classic Terminator films of the 1980s. This is a story about perspective. I was “fired” from my job on Friday. It started out as a typical day. Worked out in the morning. Got the kids to school. Prepared for a few customer meetings. But just as I was about to head out the… Read More »

Beware of the Energy Vampires

Energy feeds on energy. During one of my recent motivational speeches, the lights were turned up obnoxiously high in the room.  I could see every expression and subtle movement from the audience.  As I rolled through the material, I could see and feel a certain energy from the crowd that fueled my own passion and delivery.  Everything was in synch… Read More »

Layer Up and Hunker Down!

Baby, it’s cold outside! With most of the East Coast of the US in a deep freeze, The Clarks headed north (not south!) last week to visit family and spend time on our ancestral farm in New Hampshire.  It is the perfect place to unplug, unwind, and get back to nature.  But with temperatures dipping well below zero,… Read More »

“Don’t Complain About Your Shoes, When Your Neighbor Has No Feet!”

Perspective.  Sometimes it hits you over the head like a bucket of ice cold water. I was down on Capitol Hill last week with a colleague, visiting policy-makers and gathering information for my clients.  In our final meeting of the day, we received some news that could negatively impact our biggest customer.  I could feel my stomach… Read More »

God Bless the Brawling Bartender

  My first job out of college was the ultimate training ground for sales.  As a bright-eyed, eager 21-year old, I was selling office supplies to a wide range of potential customers in the Washington, DC-area. I drove my mobile office from building to building, stapler in one hand, fax machine in the other.  Success was… Read More »